employment and training


What we do, how we do it?


What: We work to support employer recruitment initiatives, vacancies, education and training providers in the UK. This includes, apprenticeships, distance learning vocational courses that can really kick start a new career and support employee retention.

How: We work nationally to provide recruitment, associate funding and learner find services through our network of partnerships and offer choice, flexibility and unrivalled support to our customers.

Why: We belive in developing partnership opportunities and building on experiences. We want to make a positive changes to all of our customers.



e -Expertise

The long-standing and trustful relationships we build with our clients are based on 25years experience within training education and recruitment which forms the success of our current projects.


Exploring new approaches to Recruitment and learning which can be achieved both external and in house. Yet we have managed to keep our basic values and principles intact, in spite of our willingness to develop.

econsulting recruitment

econsulting in Birmingham stands for recruitment and learning consultancy. We look after and support recruitment and learning initiatives. From placing skilled people into work or working as a partner with all your processes and structures from short-term one-off activities to complete long-term projects, from small and medium-sized businesses right up to large corporations. Our goal is to provide integrated, sustainable learning and recruitment solutions.